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strafos gives you the tools you need for success

Our platform was built by business aviation insiders as a way to optimize your workflow and to maximize revenue.

Close more deals, faster

Increase your efficiency with AI–assisted autofill, a powerful request-editing system, and a modern UX.

Precision matters

Minimize errors in quotes and booking with accurate price calculations and real-time validation.

Everything in one place

Don’t waste time jumping between multiple apps – run your entire sales operation inside strafos.

Build a sales dreamteam

With advanced management tools, you can run your entire sales team smoothly and efficiently.

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Fleet availability

ST–PLTS Pilatus PC12/47
Multiple conflicts
ST–C8N3 Cessna Citation CJ3
Crew duty busy
ST–PHNM Phenom 300
24 850 EUR
profit 4 850 EUR
ST–LGCY Legacy 500
34 850 EUR
profit 4 850 EUR
Schedule optimisation
ST–LGCZ Legacy 600
Schedule busy

Flight cost breakdown

3h 38min
1h 30min
4 850 EUR
34 850 EUR
ST–LGCY Legacy 500
price 34 850 EUR
profit 4 850 EUR
LFMN – Nice Cote d’Azur International
EFHK – Helsinki
profit 4 850 EUR
Total leg flight time 3h 38min ETE + 08min wind
Leg fuel cost - EUR
Leg maintenance cost - EUR
Leg crew compensation - EUR
Fixed profit fee per occupied leg
1 000 EUR
Airport fee 1 000 EUR
Handling fee 2 000 EUR
Catering fee 500 EUR
Departure fee LFMN 200 EUR
Arrival fee EFHK 800 EUR
Leg cost 20 000 EUR
Leg profit 1 000 EUR
Schedule optimization profit 3 850 EUR
  • Variable hourly cost22 000 EUR
  • Fixed profit fee / occupied leg1 000 EUR
  • Airport budgets6 500 EUR
  • Passenger fees1 500 EUR
  • Schedule Optimization Profit3 850 EUR
Final Price34 850 EUR

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strafos was created in 2021 in the Czech Republic. Our unique team consists of aviation professionals, business managers, investors, and jet aircraft enthusiasts. We are helping private jet operators to increase their profits, optimize their flight schedule, response with ease and much faster to flight requests and decrease the overall number of empty legs. This online tool helps private jet operators quickly process all enquiries, calculate flights offers and look for optimizations, both for individual planes and entire fleets. We used our vast experience to design and built a B2B platform which finally meets expectations and needs of charter operators and sales brokers.

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